“The people at Rex and Roxy’s have always taken great care of our needy chihuahua-mix. She doesn’t like big dogs that much, so having a small dogs section has been really good for her. We tried several other places before finding Rex & Roxy’s and Rex & Roxy’s is definitely the best!”

“One word- FANTASTIC!!!! ”

“Amazingly friendly staff . . . they get to know the dogs and the owners and go above and beyond make it a great experience for both. Plus, the pictures and commentary in the dog blog is addicting, as is the webcam!”

“They are a very clean establishment, and the owner are great considerate people who value your business.”

“My dogs go to Rex and Roxy’s about once a week, and they always come home happy and tired. They have come to recognize the building, and there are lots of wags on the drive up. Rex and Roxy’s also has the best web cam, and the staff is amazing. There is no better place Read More…

My labradoodle puppy, Oz, learned to swim at Rex and Roxys. Oz has a fantastic time playing at Rex and Roxy’s and is always excited to be there when we arrive. The staff is friendly and recognizes him right away. The daily cost is reasonable and the multiple day passes are an even better deal. Read More…

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