Doggie Playcare

Let the adventure begin!

Just because you can’t be with your dog all the time doesn’t mean she has to be left at home alone. At doggie playcare, your dog will get plenty of exercise while socializing with other furry friends in a safe, supervised setting. And no more chewing up the furniture, accidents on the carpet, or incessant barking from being lonely and bored at home!

To play at Rex & Roxy’s, your dog must:

  • Be non-aggressive
  • Be spayed or neutered
  • Pass a short temperament test
  • Have current vaccinations, including kennel cough
  • 8 Dogs are grouped for socializing according to size and temperament. Newcomers are also carefully introduced into playgroups to ensure everyone’s safety.

Puppy Playcare

Rex & Roxy’s Puppy Playcare program is absolutely the best environment for your growing puppy.

We know, firsthand, how difficult it is to leave a puppy at home while we are at work all day. Instead of leaving your puppy in a crate at home for 8 to 12 hours, bring your puppy to Rex & Roxy’s for the day. We developed our Puppy Playcare service to address the needs of new puppy owners.

At Rex & Roxy’s, your puppy will:

  • Play in a clean, safe and loving environment with other puppies and smaller dogs
  • Receive constant supervision and attention from our Canine Specialists
  • Learn the important skills of dog and human socialization…this is necessary to become a confident, happy, well-adjusted full-grown dog citizen
  • We make sure that your puppy is fed on schedule and has naptimes for healthy growth and development

The Benefits:

  • No need to worry about a bored puppy chewing your furniture or shoes at home
  • Stop the separation anxiety that your puppy experiences because of loneliness (remember, dogs are naturally pack animals)
  • Stop worrying about your puppy having accidents in the house or holding his bladder all day (because they can’t)
  • Know that your puppy is learning to play with other dogs and getting lots of exercise to relieve all of that puppy energy

How to join the fun:

  • Your puppy must be current on his puppy vaccination series, including Kennel Cough
  • Bring a lunch portion of your puppy’s food for feeding during the day
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